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twina's secret diary ||
A 19 yrs old introvert Filipina, who loves music, fashion, romance, anime, cute things and teen fiction stories. A university student in the field of Information Technology.

I blog to express my feelings and to show to the world the other side of me.

Love ya followers :)


holy shit holy shit holy shit holy shit holy shit

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"I may be busy and will reply late on your messages or sometimes I usually forget to reply back immediately, but please do know that I am the kind of friend who stays no matter how many months we’ve lost our communication because we’re busy or doing probably more important things in our life. I understand that it’s not all the time that you can talk to people but hey whenever you need a friend, I’ll listen and I will make time for you whenever you need me. I’m just here. I don’t usually leave people. I will stay. I’m staying with you."

- a message to my friends that i don’t usually talk to everyday
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when you get into a fight with your mom and your dad doesn’t take your side

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you are my laptop

my only laptop

you make me happy

when the skies are grey

you’ll never know dear

how much i love you

so please dont take

the charger 


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"If I told you I’ve worked hard to get where I’m at, I’d be lying, because I have no idea where I am right now."

- ― Jarod Kintz (via psych-quotes)

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"We all romanticize the people we adore."

- John Green (via psych-facts)